Tournament Time/Results

This week we had 4 teams make it in to the end of season tournaments.

On Saturday 3/17/2018 the Call of Duty: World War II and League of Legends teams both bowed out in the first round. They both had really good season and I am super proud of the LoL team and how far they have come as a team from their rookie season. Good job everyone!

On Sunday 3/18/2018 the Rainbow Six: Siege (Red) team bowed out in the second round. This team has really come together as of late and I see really good things happening with them next season and again next year. They have definitely been putting their time in and it is showing in how far they have come.

Also on Sunday, the Rocket League team advanced to the semi-finals for their third consecutive season. These are a great group of students and they have been working their butts off to get where they are now. They deserve every bit of the success that they are obtaining for themselves.

Don’t forget we have the Double Good popcorn fundraiser going on right now. We are trying to get enough money raised to get real “Gaming” chairs for the Esports practice/play area. Please help support us in the endeavor. Remember, money is due at the time of ordering.

Nathaniel “NateShowww” Thompson