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A Munster High School Esports Varsity Letter is an honor bestowed based on actions and achievements reached during participation during the Esports Seasons. It is not someone’s right to receive one just because he or she “didn’t do anything wrong”, and it is certainly not a measure of who is a “good person”! It is not something that is given to you, rather, it is earned through sportsmanship, attitude, good standings and participation.

The opportunity to proudly display your school colors as a member of eSports through your Varsity Letter states that you have gone ‘above and beyond’ as a competitor or participant member of the Munster High School Esports program. To that end, the standards for earning a Varsity Letter will be rigorous, and the expectations high.

All Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible to earn a Varsity Letter.

Our very first students receiving their Varsity Letters in Munster Esports are:

Adam Kojich
Ray Hoitsma

To be considered for a Varsity Letter students must earn 60 points in a year according to a points schedule. Once the points have been verified a Varsity Letter will be given to the student. The student is then eligible to buy a Varsity Letter Jacket in Munster colors and display their letter and Munster Esports patch. Students are also eligible to earn bars for every successive year of earning Varsity Letter points.

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